Cheese Board

Recipes of Appetizer and Snacks

French Cooking

Ingredients serves 6

  • 1 camembert cheese
  • ½ lb goat cheese
  • ¼ lb gruyere cheese
  • ¼ lb blue cheese
  • ½ lb semi-soft cheese
  • Assorted nuts, dried fruits, and grapes for garnish
  • Crackers, rye bread, and baguette to accompany


1 Cut the different cheeses into pieces and distribute them decoratively on a cheese board.

2 Sprinkle nuts and dried fruits. Add small bunches of grapes, if in season.

3 Serve as an appetizer with crackers, rye bread, and a fresh, sliced baguette.

Wine Pairing

Advice of Wine to combine

Suggest from Sommelier

Cheese generally accentuates the qualities of red wines, due to its creaminess. The present of blue cheese leads me to choose a wine with more body, such as a reserve Merlot with a lot of vanilla. It shouldn't be a very tannic wine because salty food emphasizes the tannins and the result is rather extreme.

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